10 Things About… Our July

1. July 2nd is our Anniversary (this year is our 10th!).

2. July 3rd is my birthday (not telling my age!).

3. This July, we are having a big BBQ for our Anniversary, everything from Creole Potato Salad to my husband’s yummy pulled pork.

4. Growing up, it was tradition to have our own family fireworks display on my birthday. The entire neighborhood would come out to see it.

5. I was scared to death of fireworks growing up.

6. When we are in Nebraska over the 4th, we still do a big neighborhood fireworks display (except I am one of the ones lighting them off!).

7. We got married on a Thursday.

8. One of my best friends from way back (elementary school!) is having her birthday today. Happy Birthday Megan!!

9. Megan & I always picked a day to celebrate our birthdays together. We did slumber parties, ate Tacos, lots of girl things, but the most infamous birthday celebration was the time we got caught in a REALLY BAD STORM…. outside…. by ourselves.

10. July is my favorite month- you can’t beat eating fresh veggies out of the garden, making a mess with Watermelon, staying up late and looking at the stars (or fireflies!).

On that note- I will be away from my desk for the next week, busy preparing for the party and out of town guests, and then having a little fun with the kids after the party. I will try to keep on top of my email, but it may take me a bit longer to respond.

Have a WONDERFUL WEEKEND! Be safe, have fun, and enjoy!

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