Emmett the Cat


I don’t think Emmett is 100% cat. Somedays he sounds like an Ewok from Star Wars. Somedays he’ll “talk back” to us like a preteen with an attitude when he is pretending he is being good. Somedays he plays fetch like a dog. He also seems to have super-cat qualities… I am not sure how he can get up as high as he can and still get back down. He can take a flight of stairs in a single leap. He can sneak up on even the most observant person.

Hmm… is this where I admit I got the name Emmett from a certain popular series about Vampires? :P


He has made quite the addition to our family. And has even stolen the heart of my husband… who has until recently not been a fan of cats. They make him sneeze. A lot. But for Emmett, he will make an exception.


I mean, who can resist a super-cat/dog/preteen/ewok who will snuggle up with you when you are cold? :)