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Sneak Peek


Prince or Toad?

Prince or Toad?


I have a bunch of announcements and news so please bear with me.  School is almost out for the summer (congrats Seniors 2009!) and we are getting into the busy season for everything from vacations to 2010 Senior Pictures to summer & fall family photo sessions.

Seniors 2010!

I am taking 3 upcoming Seniors from each area high school for my Senior Representatives program. Since I am running a bit behind, the first 3 Seniors from each Fort Collins high school to contact me will be admitted into the program. Senior Reps get a free Basic Session and 8 sets of wallets (total 64 wallets) in exchange for getting the word out to their friends about E Tyler Photography. Reps will earn credit for large prints or albums for every Senior Session they refer to E Tyler Photography.  Senior Rep sessions MUST take place on evenings of June 15-18 and June 22-25. If you are interested, please email with the subject line: Senior Reps. Please tell me a bit about yourself and which school you attend.

For all other Seniors, NOW is the time to schedule your session. Most high schools need their yearbook photos back by Oct/Nov, which means June, July, August and early September are the months for Senior Photos.


Mini Sessions!

The next Mini Session dates are June 20th and June 27th & 28th.  Since Father’s Day is June 21st, I have extended the sessions to the next weekend. Mini Sessions are a 30 minute session at the location of your choice and include 10 high resolution images on a CD and 10 5×7 prints matted to an 8×10 size. For more information, see the Pricing Page. To schedule your Mini Session, please email with the subject: Mini Session. These will go fast so book asap. : )

Summer Schedule!

This summer’s schedule is already quite full of activities so I am going to open up a few evenings during the week for sessions. All evening weekday sessions (Mondays-Thursdays) will be $200 off the session fee. So if you schedule a Classic Session (regularly $800) for a Monday-Thursday evening this summer, you will only pay $600. This expires September 1st, so please take advantage of this now. : )

I will be out of the office June 5-14th with limited access to email. Please give me some extra time to get back to you if you contact me that week. July 10th-14th I will be out of the office also and will have NO access to email or voicemail during that time.

Mommy/Daddy Reps!

You heard that right- Mommy/Daddy Reps! Are you one of those moms who knows everyone? Would you love to help spread the word about E Tyler Photography? I will be accepting applications for 5 Mommy/Daddy Reps. Mommy/Daddy Reps will receive one free Classic Session to take place this summer and will earn a $50 credit for every session she/he refers. She/he will also recieve rep cards to pass out to all their friends and family and will also recieve their own Mommy/Daddy Info cards to give their information to new friends, for playdates or anything else they can think of. If you feel you would be a great Mommy/Daddy rep, please email with a short essay about why you want to be a Mommy/Daddy Rep and why you would make a good one.  Please include in the subject line: Mommy/Daddy Reps.

That’s All Folks!

I am looking forward to a GREAT summer! As always, if you have any questions please contact me! :) Have a WONDERFUL day!

Brandi C. Children


In honor of Spring and beautiful weather (even if it hasn’t arrived to stay yet!), E Tyler Photography is having a Headshot Weekend Special.  For Saturday, May 16th & Sunday, May 17th, 2009 ONLY, all headshot sessions will be HALF OFF (which means the classic session is only $150 and the Deluxe session is $250)! This will be taking place in Denver only and there are only a limited amount of sessions available. Session spots will fill up quickly and will be first come, first served. Headshots with E Tyler Photography are in natural light, in a setting you are comfortable in. If you need to update your headshots, now is the time!

To book your Headshot session for that weekend, contact me on my contact page and let me know which day you are interested in, if there is a time/day that works better for you that weekend, which session you prefer (the Classic or the Deluxe) and where you prefer to have your session (many choose a spot downtown, take place at your home, or at a park near your home). Session payment is due at the time of booking in order to reserve your day and time. Sessions are not reserved until payment has been received.

For more info, visit:

The Headshot Gallery

Headshot Pricing and Details

Headshot FAQs

Corwin Headshots


Fossil Ridge High School- The Miracle Worker

Hey all! FRHS’s fall play is this weekend- tonight and tomorrow at 7pm. I have not had a chance yet to get a sneak peek of the images up yet, but I don’t want anyone to miss this! Go see it! They do a GREAT job!!!

Look for a Sneak Peek of it (CD’s will be available for purchase as soon as I get the gallery up) sometime next week.

Just a quick note- this is an extremely busy time of year, which makes responding to emails and voicemails more difficult than usual. Your patience is appreciated! E. Tyler Photography will be CLOSED December-March, with sessions starting back up in April.

Keep watching for sneak peeks and news here! Have a great weekend!

Quick Public Service Announcement! VOTE!

I don’t talk politics here (and won’t ever!). I have clients, friends and family who come from all walks of life, all political parties and a wide variety of differences and I respect each and every person’s point of view. Isn’t that great how different each and every person is?

But I do want to remind you to let your voice be heard!! We’re coming into the home stretch (thank goodness, I think we are all a bit burnt out on political ads!), if you haven’t voted, VOTE!!!  It doesn’t matter whoever, whatever, or however you vote, just VOTE.

The great thing is we do have choices this year, some new people, some old people, some new things to vote on, some older things to vote on. The Colorado ballot is pretty long, so take a bit to read up on all the issues and decide how you will vote. The only thing better than voting is being an informed voter. :)

Happy Voting everyone!

Compassion in Africa

My mother went to Africa in February. She sponsors a child there through the group Compassion. Their local newspaper just did an article on her trip. If you are interested in reading it, go here:

It is amazing what we take for granted. Little everyday things that when used up or contaminated or turned off have devastating results. Usually our first reaction is not “how will we survive?” but “how will I take my shower?!” or “I can’t check my email now!”.  We take for granted that even when something is taken away, it is only temporary, and hey.. we can always go somewhere else that does have what we are missing.

Today, take a little time to be thankful for what you have. Not only are our basic needs met, but most of us has family and/or friends to help us through the hard times. Be sure to say thank you (although you may not want to say it today if you don’t usually say mushy stuff like that, they may think you are playing an April Fool’s joke). ;)

May your April be warm and beautiful and full of love.

Local Businesses

Do you have a local business you just *love*? Do you own a local business? Want to see the business featured on this blog? Local businesses are the heart of communities. When you buy from a local business, you know your money is staying with the community and going right back into the local economy.

A lot of times we go to a chain store because its easier or because we *know* the store. The whole idea of featuring local businesses is to get the word out and get us more familiar with them.

Each business featured will receive a special packet from E. Tyler Photography including a free session with E. Tyler Photography and some other goodies. The businesses can do what they wish with the packet, either using it for themselves, giving to their best customer, the possibilities are endless.

To nominate a local business in the Fort Collins area, please contact me using the subject line: local business.

Have a wonderful day!!!

New Blog

Finally got my blog hosted on my own. You can always view the old posts at

Please be patient while I work out all the kinks! Thank you!